Attractive Design Trestle Dining Room Table

A trestle dining room table allows a work of art in a small area. The trestles are also easy to carry, so you can do your work of art almost anywhere. There models trestles which are somewhat cumbersome and complex. If you want to make your own easel, these steps will help you create and display their work in an instant.

Create and cut a design for your trestle dining room table and decide the width of your screen. Your table easel need to be 5 cm higher than his work of art and have 2/3 of her profundide, but the measures need not be exact. You cut two items of your design; see the design illustration you should cut. You can cut pieces of plywood with a Dremell tool or a jigsaw. Sand the wood pieces completely. In this way you will not only make it more attractive, but also ensure that it is safe for use. You can also paint their easels if you want.

Use a hinge to attach the pieces on the long side. The hinge should be on the back of the pieces. Use small screws to not penetrate the other side of the plywood.Make a small hole on each side of the bridge on the bottom side of the midpoint. Insert a piece of string on each side and tie on the outside so that the bridge does not open more than 90 or 100 degrees. This will prevent the bridge from falling while being used trestle dining room table.

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