The Danger from Broken Bulbs Mercury Glass Table Lamp

Mercury glass table lamp – Broken bulbs provide no health risks than possible cuts from broken glass. Each bulb contains mercury glass, however, requires extra care if broken, and this includes fluorescent and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL). Over time, mercury glass can accumulate in the human body and cause a variety of adverse health effects. Although there is not of reason to panic when a fluorescent is broken, it is wise to limit your exposure to mercury glass; it contains the following Environmental Protection Agency guidelines for broken CFLs.

Federal guidelines only limits for chronic exposure to mercury glass table lamp, and there is no clear consensus on the effects of short-term, low-level exposure as when a compact fluorescent bulb is broken. Most of what is known about the adverse effects of mercury glass exposure is based on information from cases involving chronic low exposure, or single high dose exposures.

Compact fluorescents have the lowest levels of mercury glass table lamp in the fluorescent family contains an average 4.5 mg. The long tubes are typically used in offices and commercial space containing more, depending on the size. When a bulb is broken, some of the mercury glass in the air, and you can reduce your exposure by airing out the room, and then clean up broken fluorescent right away.

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