Unique and Stylish Distressed Dining Room Table

Distressed dining room table – distressed look gives new vintage furniture a makeover. Accent your home decor in Shabby Chic style when you learn how you suffered a table or other piece of furniture. This basic technique has impressive results, despite simplicity of process. Once you finish your first ailing table, then you have urge to shop for new furniture, so you can get look old. This project finds new use for old furniture left to buy your garden; you will all fall back in love with them.

Distressed dining room table wood is design term wooden furniture which has been purposely designed nicks, chips and other cuts to give appearance of age and use. Usually, such wood furniture stained and sealed, either by oil, paint or lacquer, by manufacturer or finisher before it is shipped and sold.

That final finishing determines difference in care techniques between distressed finished wood and raw or unfinished, regardless of type of wood. Determine type of finish does your distressed dining room table wood. Painted or varnished wood will repel oil; oiled finish will quickly absorb. Matter distressed oiled wood at least three times a week. Waiting for your wooden dining table cloth until after you’ve swept floor, vacuumed, shaken rugs and completed other housekeeping tasks to avoid stirring up additional dust

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